Glenbrook Valley

Glenbrook Valley Houston, TX
May 26, 2015
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Glenbrook Valley boasts some of the areas finest examples of mid-century modern architecture.
Here are just a few examples of the great homes found in Glenbrook Valley. Click on the photos below to enlarge them. This page does not represent homes for sale, it is to show some of the great mid-century homes in the community. Please refer to the real estate page for listings within the community.
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Around the Neighborhood

Around the Neighborhood

8015 Arletta

8006 Arletta

8106 Glen Valley

8002 Arletta

8035 Glen Forest: Built 1959: Architect: Dansby Built for Montalbano family (Montalbano Lumber Co.)

8007 Glen Forest

7711 Lakewind

7838 Santa Elena

7919 Glenview; One of 6 original homes built 1954 included on that year’s Parade of Homes.

8107 Stony Dell Ct.

8115 Stony Dell Ct

7916 Glenview – 1954, Crochet & Carroll architects. “Home Fashion Time” show house in ’54

8118 Glen Valley

8119 Glen Valley

7703 Glenlea

7811 Santa Elena

8223 Colgate

7622 Cayton 1956 Frank C. Dill Architect. Part of the 1956 Parade of Homes.

7614 Cayton: 1956, John Folsom Architect. “56 Parade of Homes house. The “Magnum Manor”

7606 Cayton: 1956, E. Kelly Gaffney Architect. “56 Parade of Homes house.

7550 Cayton: 1956, Ursula Oberdieck Architect. “56 Parade of Homes house.

Tipperary & Morley

7911 Santa Elena

8102 Colgate

8208 Glencrest